Church Partnership

Are you a NYC church that wants to partner with us?
At Hope for New York, we’re proud to partner with 10+ local churches committed to doing justice and loving mercy.   

What makes a church a HFNY partner church?

While we welcome volunteers and supporters from churches all over the city, our partner churches have made a commitment to mobilizing their congregations to love and serve their neighbors in need through Hope for New York affiliates.  

Our partner churches are committed to making mercy and justice a priority of their church life—and we are committed to empowering these churches to achieve this mission by helping them strategize for their mission, catalyze their community, and train their church for mercy & justice initiatives.

If your church is interested in learning more about a formal partnership with Hope for New York, let us know!



"My hope for New York is for the church to rise and lead the movement of justice, mercy, and witness of our beloved Savior who’s already given us His all so that we could live.” Jordan Rice, Renaissance Church