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We've gathered the resources you need to understand biblical mercy and justice, and to be a part of the movement of mercy and justice in our city.

HFNY Resources | Prayers of the People | Justice Conference | Network Talks | Reflections


Use and share these resources to love our neighbors more fully.


Resource Card - Print and hand these cards out to neighbors living on the streets. 

Do Justice Love Mercy Card - A digital card to help you understand our vision and mission 

Video: Movement of Mercy & Justice - Understand our work in mercy and justice, and our 10-year vision

Video: The Impact of Hope for New York's Model - Our CEO, Elise Chong, talks about our four-part model and how it strengthens our affiliate partners, including City Relief

Video: What Is Biblical Justice? - Five affiliates share what biblical justice means to them, and how HFNY has come alongside their mercy and justice work during COVID-19.

Affiliates Guide - Our guide to providing a quick overview of our affiliates

Volunteer Decision Map - Determine if you should volunteer in person or virtually



Specific prayers to guide you in understanding the needs of vulnerable and marginalized communities 


For HFNY Communities

HFNY Prayer Guide - For every month, pray for a specific community that our affiliates serve

For the Formerly Incarcerated - For fellow brothers and sisters who have been incarcerated

For Children and Families - For vulnerable children and families in our city

For Neighbors Experiencing Homelessness - For brothers and sisters who are looking for shelter

For People with Disabilities - For brothers and sisters who have special needs

For Neighbors in Need During the Holidays - For brothers and sisters who need encouragement during the holidays


For Our Faith

'There Are No Ordinary People' - To remind us that everyone is made in God's image and needs prayer

'Continue to Protect Us' - To remind us we need renewed hope during COVID-19 and other crisis

'Give Us Obedient Hearts. Give Us Courage.' - To remind us that, even in times of difficulty, we need our faith more than ever



Audio from workshop speakers during the 2018 Justice Conference, co-hosted by Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Hope for New York.


Education and Equity: Race, Class, and Geography - Featuring: Thrive Collective, Young Life, Operation Exodus, Morris Academy Mentors

Immigrant Displacement and Inclusion - Featuring: World Relief, The Open Door, Global Empowerment Services (GEMS), Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center 

Gentrification: Intersection of Profit and Poverty - Featuring: Jose Humphreys, author of Seeing Jesus in East Harlem; Habitat for Humanity, A House on Beekman

Homelessness: The Visibly Invisible - Featuring: Rescue Alliance, New York City Relief, The Bowery Mission, The Salvation Army

Human Trafficking in NYC - Featuring: Restore NYC, International Justice Mission, P.S. Kitchen, Bird & Branch Coffee

The Gospel and the American Political Landscape - Featuring: Redeemer West Side, Safe Families for Children, Open Hands Legal Services

Mass Incarceration - Featuring; Prison Fellowship, Exodus Transitional, Community Connections for Youth



Audio and video from past workshops on topics tied to New York City.


Housing & Inequality in NYC - Get insights into how housing inequality affects our city's communities. Affiliates featured: Habitat for Humanity, New York City Relief, Open Hands Legal Services.

Disability: From Exclusion to Belonging - Understand the social exclusion that many people with disabilities in our city face, to cultivate communities of belonging. Affiliates featured: Do for One, Center for All Abilities, Young Life Capernaum.

Caring for the Homeless in Our City - Be more knowledgeable about the epidemic of homelessness in New York City. Affiliates featured: New York City Relief, The Bowery Mission, the Rescue Alliance.

Seeing our Immigrant Neighbors - Explore a biblical foundation and perspective for seeing and engaging immigrants facing challenges in our city. Affiliates featured: Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center, Operation Exodus Inner City, Chinese Christian Herald Crusades, Restore NYC.

Understanding Sex Trafficking - Learn how sex trafficking affects our city and how Christians can respond to help. Affiliate featured: Restore NYC.



Blog posts written by our staff on mercy and justice-related concerns.


Our Deeds of Mercy and Justice - Understand how our faith-based deeds are evidence of God’s grace in our lives. 

When Did You Show Mercy? - Do you remember the last time you showed mercy?

How Do We Define Justice? - What it really means to "do justice" as mentioned in Micah 6:8.

The Gospel Power of Proximity - Learn what it really means to be an authentic neighbor in our city.

Gospel Humility and the Compassion of Christ - 'It is the discipline of self-forgetfulness and looking toward the gospel that we need to cultivate in our work of service.'

What Does Imago Dei Mean? - Imagine what New York City would look like if all Christians saw others as imager bearers of God?

Who Is My Immigrant Neighbor? - Reflections on home, displacement, and the Imago Dei

Problem with Me-Ology - How the Christian faith often replaces "theology" with "me-ology"

Learning to Listen, Look, Lament - 'Lament is an important step in our experience of God’s sovereign intimacy.'