New Affiliates

Are you a non-profit that wants to partner with us?
At Hope for New York, we’re proud to partner with 50+ amazing New York City non-profits (we call them our “affiliates”), and we’re committed to strengthening these organizations so that they can continue to bring spiritual, social, and economic flourishing to our city.
We’re always looking to partner with even more organizations who could help us expand our network to reach new populations and neighborhoods.
Our Criteria
We’re seeking to partner with organizations that meet most of the below criteria:
  • Is a 501c3 non-profit that serves the poor and marginalized in NYC
  • Is a faith-based organization OR if not a faith-based organization, allows for faith expression
  • Serves the whole person, focusing on spiritual, personal, social and economic well-being
  • Offers active volunteer engagement opportunities (evenings and weekends, individual and group, one-off and ongoing, kid-friendly opportunities, etc.) and demonstrates potential for growth in volunteer engagement
  • Organization’s leadership would embrace partnership with HFNY
  • Organization’s location is in an area of need and reachable by volunteers via public transportation

If your non-profit meets the majority of these criteria, please fill out the interest form below. We look forward to hearing from you!