Neighborhood Advocate Cohort

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Update: The NAC program was paused in 2021.


The Neighborhood Advocate Cohort (NAC), is a learning community that equips lay people with a gospel-driven vision for the flourishing of communities and neighborhoods. Through worship, reflection and shared experiences, participants will learn about building mutual relationships, serving justly, and sharing the hope of Christ with their neighbors.

Cohort Objectives

Theological training to engage the poor through a biblical framework and the spiritual practice of hospitality. Introduce historical assets and needs, through major categories of injustice (housing, employment and education) and the broad network of institutions, urban practitioners and nonprofit leaders who serve in NYC neighborhoods.

Experience opportunities and resources for generous lifestyles that appreciate the assets and serve the needs of our neighborhoods. Develop a Neighborhood Project: Working within a small group, participants will develop a church-specific community project that addresses injustice in our city and imagines renewal.

Weekly Overview

Wednesdays, March 4-May 16, 2020


  • Week 1: Models of Community Engagement
  • Week 2: Biblical Survey of Mishpat, Hesed, Shalom & Lament
  • Week 3: Prophets: Clarion Call to the Poor
  • Week 4: Kingdom: Reflections on The Sermon on the Mount
  • Week 5: The Exiled: The Stranger & Foreigner: Immigrant, Displacement & Home
  • Week 6: Psalter: A Cry for Justice & Mercy
  • Week 7: The Challenges and Opportunities of Neighborhood: Sidewalks in the Kingdom
  • Week 8: Church in Mission: Ecclesiology of Welcome
  • Week 9: Key Church Strategies for Engagement
  • Week 10: Race and Place: Implications of Geography and Divisions
  • Week 11: Faithful Presence: Neighborhoods and Neighboring
  • Week 12 (Graduation): Project Presentation (all-day Saturday)

Details and Commitment
  • Cost of the 12-week program is $50. Books and resource materials included.
  • The cohort runs Wednesdays, March 4-May 16, 7:00-9:00PM and up to two full Saturdays. May 16 is the graduation service for the Program. The initiatives that each cohort develops will run beyond the program length. Each participant will be working with his/her respective church on ongoing sustainability for the cohort initiative.
  • This program requires 100% commitment (up to one absence permitted only).

Application Process
  • EXTENDED! Complete the NAC application by Friday, February 21.
  • Selected participants will be notified by Monday, February 24 and invited to register for $50.

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NAC 2019 grad class


First group of NAC graduates: Class of 2019