Prayers of the People: 'Let Us Seek Grace for Our City'

April 06, 2021
Easter 2021 spring

We hope you will reflect on and recite this prayer written by Tory, our Manager of Mobilization. This prayer was shared during Palm Sunday services by the Redeemer Presbyterian Church network this year.

Jesus, you are great and worthy to be praised. Your majesty is incomprehensible. When we read the Biblical story of Palm Sunday, and picture you entering the city on a colt as the long-awaited Messiah, our hearts are with the people who kneeled down and praised you. What response can we have but to bow down and shout “Hosanna!” in your presence?

Yet, Lord, like these people, how quickly we turn. How quickly our praises fade away. How quickly our joy melts into cynicism, despair, and complacency. It is so easy to worship you as King on Sunday, and then be ruled by the messages of our culture, our workplaces, and our own fleshly desires by Thursday.

Lord, we confess our weakness. We are just like these people who worshiped you and then crucified you. Lord, we thank you for your forgiveness. You do not hold our weakness against us. Instead, you welcome us. Thank you, Lord for receiving us, even in our broken state.

Restore us, Lord. You say if we are quiet, the rocks will cry out and praise you. Let us not be quiet. Let us not abdicate our opportunity to worship you. Let us chase after you with the simplicity and sincerity of those waving branches and shouting “Hosanna!” on that first Palm Sunday. Let us not hold back.

Lord, many of us have experienced your saving grace in our own hearts. Let us seek that same grace for our city. How blessed are we to hear stories of faith renewed and hope come alive for our neighbors! You are bringing your Kingdom to New York City, and we want to be part of it. God, thank you for evidence of your presence here.

Lord, thank you for the work of Hope for New York affiliates. Lord, equip these organizations. Equip them to fill hungry bellies, remove the loneliness in families, and set prisoners free. Equip them to share the gospel and help souls come to life. But Lord, equip us. Give us the courage to do this work with them.

Jesus, we praise you as our King. Let us not forsake the work you have called us to as your humble servants. We worship you, we obey, you, and we honor you, Lord. May your Kingdom Come, today and forever.