Prayers of the People: 'Help Us Work Together for the Good of the City'

Prayers of the People Palm Sunday 2022

On Palm Sunday, follow this prayer written by Mary Beth, our Manager of Mobilization. This prayer will be shared during Palm Sunday services by our church partners.

Dear God,

Hosanna! We praise you on Palm Sunday, and we thank you for this day which you have made. We are grateful that You are here with us, that you care for us, and that you hear our prayers.

This Palm Sunday we rejoice, remembering how you humbly entered Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. We lay down our cloaks before you on your path, and welcome you to the city. Thank you, for serving your people and for being our example on how to love others.

We lift up to you today those in our city who are without close family or friends. We pray that those who feel alone may be comforted and that they may grow in relationship with the people that you place in their lives. We pray that they may develop a strong community.

God we also lift up the immigrants in our city. We pray that through the many obstacles that they face you would be present and faithful. God, provide the tools, people, and resources that they need to make a home for themselves in New York City. We pray for the affiliate partners that welcome and support immigrants, that they may be well served and encouraged in their work.

We pray for the children and youth in New York City. We lift up especially those who are a part of the foster care system. We pray for birth parents, foster parents, adoptive parents, and especially the children. Would you provide support to struggling parents, financial stability where it is lacking, and a strong sense of family and belonging for the children. God, we know that you are a Father to all, and we pray that children and families would feel the safety and security that you provide.

We pray for those in our city who are hungry or without shelter. Please, Lord, provide these basic resources so that they may be safe and nourished. We pray for the organizations across the city that provide basic resources, that you would work through them to make sure every New Yorker is cared for until all are housed and no one is hungry.

We pray for community and relationships. Give us the courage and confidence to see our neighbors as you see them and to serve where we are able. Help us to live as one body, working together for the good of the city and to glorify your name.

Thank you, Father, for caring for our city. We lift up all these people to you and we pray that they would know you and your love for them. We love you, and we praise you.


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