Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center offers newly immigrated Arab Americans English as a Second Language classes and cultural activities. The Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center is a place where Arab American families can come to learn ESL, develop meaningful friendships, and bridge cross-cultural barriers. The mission began in September of 2004 to meet the felt needs of the Arab American immigrant community.
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Mobilizing Volunteers
Our volunteers lead classes and encourage the breakdown of cross-cultural barriers by consistently serving and engaging community members in relationships.
Making Grants To Fund Programs
Our grants support program and hospitality supplies for Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center.
Why We Love This Affiliate
Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center is more than just a community center, it is a close-knit community that learns, celebrates, and grows together. Students originate from many countries in the Middle East.

I have a really good experience with being able to bond with the students. It’s a lovely community and they’ve been really grateful. I’m not the only person touching their lives, and that’s the most beautiful part about this center. And working with international people is something that I just have to do. I feel like if I wasn't doing this, I wouldn't feel like I'm whole.

Lucy, Volunteer Team Leader


Our melting pot country is founded on immigrants from England who emigrated to a new world in pursuit of a life of freedom. Through the years, as more immigrants from various countries have come to America, they have helped shape and form our cities and states, and become an essential part
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