Prayers for Those Seeking Free Legal Aid

August 31, 2017

Open your mouth for the mute,
For the rights of all who are destitute.

Proverbs 31:8

Free legal and counseling services available to low-income New Yorkers are limited and often inadequate. As a result, each year more than 2.3 million low-income New Yorkers have to navigate the complexities of the justice system in disputes over the most basic necessities of life without the assistance of counsel. 

For every 10,000 people living in poverty in New York, there are only three civil legal aid attorneys available to take on their cases. As a result, only 20 percent of the legal needs of poor New Yorkers are being met. Free legal aid can mean a home, a chance to work, benefits, and more for low-income New Yorkers.

Join us in lifting up our neighbors who find themselves in troubling legal situations to our God who is restoring creation and bringing about justice.

  • Pray that lawyers and legal professionals representing these individuals would approach these cases with wisdom and compassion. Father, we pray that You would raise up caring, justice-minded people to walk alongside New Yorkers who lack access to legal resources, be that representation or knowledge of the system. Would You provide mightily for those in need of free legal aid through the love of Your people.
  • Pray that families and individuals in troubling legal situations would be at peace, resting in the assurance that one day the Lord will make all things right. Lord, we pray for Your protection over our neighbors who are battling difficult legal situations. Would You encourage their hearts with the truth that one day all wrongs will be righted. We also ask that, here and now, You would bring justice to situations where there is injustice.
  • Pray for Open Hands Legal Services as they provide low-income families and individuals access to free legal aid so the essentials of life would be met. God, we thank You for the work of Open Hands Legal Services to break down legal barriers to the success and flourishing of New Yorkers who are poor and oppressed. We know that Your heart is with these neighbors of ours, and we pray You would resource Open Hands mightily.