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Join the Welcome Team to help new students learn virtually

About this Opportunity
The Open Door empowers immigrants to reach their full God-given potential to successfully integrate, participate and contribute to the well being of our society. Its vision is a new community of diverse individuals leading families to participate and thrive in the English-speaking economic mainstream as a model of community development.

The welcoming team member helps individuals who register for Open Door’s classes to access the technology and books needed to start class. *Spanish language proficiency required. 

Teach adults how to:
  • download Zoom on their phones and/or computers
  • create a Zoom account
  • create an email address if they do not have one
  • do a test meeting on Zoom to see if they can enter with video and audio
  • help students order the books needed online
Christians preferred, volunteers must be 18+

New York, NY
United States

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