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Offer Soup, Prayer & Resources - The Relief Co-op - 14th St.

About this Opportunity
New York City Relief (NYCR) is a mobile outreach to the homeless. They connect people to resources that lead to life transformation. Their team of staff and volunteers believe that everyone deserves a place to call home because homelessness is a struggle, not a life sentence. The Relief Co-Op outreaches capitalize on existing direct service opportunities at the Salvation Army. NYCR staff and volunteers go to the Salvation Army and sync up their compassionate focus on long-term & follow-up care with the immediate care these services are providing. Volunteers will serve food and drinks, offer prayer, and invite conversation with guests while they wait for Life Care Visits (connections between NYCR staff and guests where deep struggles are shared, individualized action plans are developed, and hope is restored).

Age Policy: The minimum age to serve is 12. Anyone age 12 - 17 must complete our Volunteer Application for minors which requires their parent or guardian's signature. They also require proper adult supervision. Children age 12 - 15 must each be accompanied by an adult. Children age 16 - 17 must be accompanied by an adult in a ratio of 1 adult per 4 children.

*While serving those struggling with homelessness is extremely rewarding, there are many challenges that require a level of maturity and responsibility. Our friends living on the street may be struggling with various issues (including addiction, mental illness, etc.) that may lead them to be agitated, unfriendly, use vulgar language, etc. It is at the discretion of the child's parent/guardian if they feel their child should serve.

132 14th St.
New York, NY 10011
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