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Teach Music to Kids

About this Opportunity

The Salvation Army has long believed in the transforming power of musicboth in healing lives and providing life-changing opportunities, especially in the case of young people. Studies have shown that students involved in music programs demonstrate increased confidence and self-esteem, and perform better in the classroom. Yet when school budgets are stretched, music programs, unfortunately, are among the first things to go.

The Salvation Army music programs keeps music and the arts alive for students of all ages and offer instrumental, voice, and theory lessons. 

Volunteers will commit to serving weekly on Tuesday to assist students one-on-one in their music lessons. Volunteers should have some background and experience with piano, guitar, brass, or music theory. 

A staff will be in touch with you regarding next steps for the Salvation Army music program! All volunteers will be asked to complete an application and be interviewed in order to start serving. 


132 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011
United States

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