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The HFNY Young Supporters Community (YSC) is a membership-based group of young professionals (20s-30s) who are passionate about engaging their personal peer networks in support of Hope For New York and our 60 affiliates.

To join YSC, be a part of our monthly giving program, The Hope Exchange. 



Already a Hope Exchange member but want to join the YSC? You can opt in here.

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Why Be Part of the Young Supporters Community?


Hope for New York's vision is that every New Yorker experience social, spiritual and economic flourishing. To realize this vision, we partner with both affiliates and churches, but we also need the support of young professionals who love our city and who are passionate about advocating for neighbors in need. So in 2021, we are expanding and building the YSC through a monthly membership program. Our hope is that, with a stronger YSC, we will grow a movement of mercy and justice!


Join us if you're a young professional who is:

  • Passionate about growing the footprint of mercy and justice in NYC though Hope for New York's collaborative model
  • Active in mobilizing peers, to cultivate a community of like-minded professionals across industries to engage in giving to and serving with HFNY
  • Servant hearted and loves to give generously with time, effort and resources

YSC membership includes:

  • Free admission to YSC specific events: Includes virtual and in-person YSC events throughout the year
  • Discounted tickets to select HFNY-wide events: May include tickets to broader network events, such as Spring Benefit, Fall Benefit, Summits, etc.
  • Connection with a like-minded community: Includes a network of young NYC professionals and peers across various industries
  • Resources toward mercy and justice work: Includes tools and volunteer opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of advocating for mercy and justice among your peers 
YSC winter 2018
YSC Swerve Spin 2018

How to Join the YSC


Become a monthly donor with a minimum donation of $25 a month or annual donation of $300. Start by joining our monthly giving program, The Hope Exchange.

When you join, you’ll be added to our YSC News & Events email list to receive updates. Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram!


Already a Hope Exchange member but want to join the YSC? You can opt in here.




Why has YSC changed from "Committee" to "Community"?

The YSC was established over 10 year ago and originated as a Young Supporters Committee with a small group of leaders who supported HFNY in planning annual Spring Benefits and mobilizing for other fundraising and volunteering events. As the YSC has grown and our city has changed, we've broadened our scope (and changed our name!) to nurture a wider network of young professionals to better advocate for mercy and justice in our city.

Is the Young Supporters Community still part of HFNY?

Yes! YSC started as a small group of leaders who supported HFNY in planning the annual Spring Benefit and other fundraising events. Our hope is that,with a stronger YSC, we will grow HFNY's impact and the broader movement of mercy and justice! (Read what's new and what's stayed the same)

What will the first year in the Community look like? Why should I join?

We are kicking off with virtual educational and networking events, but as our city opens up, we are cautiously exploring ways for small groups to safely meet, volunteer, and celebrate our city in person. We'll also have fun ways to connect digitally throughout the year, so follow our new YSC Instagram to stay up-to-date on YSC happenings, to meet the Leadership Council, and to be informed of urgent volunteer needs.

Can I join the Leadership Council?

Our leadership team is at full capacity for the 2021 fiscal year, but join our Community and stay in touch for ways to lead informally and get involved this year.

What's the commitment expected of me (time, finances, events, etc.) if I opt in to the Community?

Opting into the YSC means you're committing to a minimum monthly donation of $25/month (annual minimum donation of $300) through HFNY's Hope Exchange program. Being part of YSC also means you're spending time and energy, as much or as little your schedule allows.

I'm already a Hope Exchange monthly donor, or I already give regularly to HFNY. Is this a new commitment on top of that?

If you're already a Hope Exchange member donating $25+ per month, all you have to do is "opt in" to the Young Supporters Community! Your monthly donations will continue without interruption. If you'd prefer to give a one-time donation or a few donations throughout the year, you can "opt in" to the YSC by committing to a total donation of $300+ per year.

I'm not sure if I'm part of the Hope Exchange or how much I give per month. How do I see what I'm currently giving?

You can log into your Classy donor portal and confirm (or update) giving details at any time. Or, email:

I'm not sure if I'm ready to opt in. Can I talk to someone about it first?

Definitely! We'd love to chat. Feel free to reach out to our Leadership Council by sending us an email:

When's the deadline to opt in for this year?

Join by April 28 to be up-to-date on the full calendar of YSC spring initiatives.

YSC Events 2021


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Helping Without Hurting

"Helping Without Hurting" Convo with Recovery House of Worship (April 29)

YSC Leadership Council


The YSC Leadership Council is a team that oversees and manages the Young Supporters Community. The Leadership Council's goal is to broaden and deepen HFNY’s mission in our city, by developing a strong YSC network, organizing events initiatives that mobilize peers toward giving and volunteering, and cultivating HFNY advocates who are passionate about our work. 

Leadership Council roles are filled once a year and the team is committed for one year until the next application cycle.

Julia An


Julia Sung-Hee An, Co-Chair

American Express | New Hope Fellowship

Julia joined the former Young Supporters Committee in 2016, serving as Chair (FY18) and Co-Chair (FY19). During the Neighborhood Advocacy Cohort intensive, she grew in desire to engage young professionals to channel time, skills and financial resources into addressing loneliness and putting into action Jesus’ command to love our neighbors in serving. Julia’s heart for nurturing young people to thrive also extends to her involvement with Barnard College and School of American Ballet.

Kevin Lee


Kevin Lee, Co-Chair

Hudson River Trading | Church of the City
Kevin is so excited to help more people discover the work of HFNY and its affiliates. HFNY helps ensure that all New Yorkers thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually—and the YSC brings us together to make that happen!


Mary Beth


Mary Beth Nagengast, Volunteer Chair

Stantec | Redeemer Downtown

Serving with HFNY affiliates has been one of the most important things in Mary Beth's life since she moved to New York City. Together, HFNY and YSC build community with each other and allow us to serve our neighbors. Mary Beth loves the work of HFNY and can't wait to continue sharing about HFNY to more New Yorkers, to encourage them to volunteer and join HFNY!


Melanie Luk


Melanie Luk, Members Co-Chair

American Express | The Journey Church

Melanie enjoys working with like-minded peers who share the same passion of fighting social injustice and making a difference in our community.


Roy Cho


Roy Cho, Members Co-Chair

Fisher Investments/Best Impressions | Exilic

There are so many needs out there, but recruiting more co-laborers for kingdom work and supporting frontline members will be one of Roy's highest priorities. He loves connecting with others when it comes to service/missions, so he's excited to build up our community so that we can be refreshed and renewed in serving the City! 

Brian Lee


Brian Lee, Marketing Chair

Redeemer West Side

Brian is deeply excited to be a part of HFNY and to serve alongside truly remarkable individuals on YSC! He knows no other organization that's as thoughtful in its mission, model and network to partner alongside churches and non-profit affiliates who serve the poor and marginalized in New York City.

Christie Ray Harrison


Christie Ray Harrison, Advocacy Chair

Fifty-Five | Redeemer West Side

Christie Ray's favorite events in the city are YSC-led events like the annual Spring Benefit, spinning classes, and volunteer programs. She loves seeing people come together for the good of NYC, and she's excited to keep growing this incredible community so that, together, we bring deeper renewal, hope and joy to our neighbors in need.


Joy Kim

Joy Kim, Events Co-Chair

The Legal Aid Society | Redeemer Downtown

HFNY intersects two very important aspects of Joy’s life—faith and social justice work. In her professional life, Joy advocates for low-income and vulnerable New Yorkers, and she remains passionate about connecting young professionals and church communities with social justice opportunities. She is excited to plan events that promote the work of HFNY affiliates and foster an expansive community of young supporters.


Lucy Cross


Lucy Cross, Events Co-Chair

VMLY&R | Redeemer East Side

Lucy loves connecting with New Yorkers from every neighborhood and background. She enjoys creating spaces for people to build community and care for the city. This year, she’s excited to be involved in the work that HFNY is doing to serve New York City!


Shu-hui Wee


Shu-Hui Wee, Secretary

Daily Harvest | Exilic

Shu first learned about Hope for New York through her church, and was inspired by the organization's vision and mission. She is excited to work alongside other like-minded young professionals who want to serve our city and make an impact through this community.


Eric Jeng


Eric Jeng, Prayer Coordinator

Blue Apron | Church of the City

Eric loves New York City, HFNY and prayer—especially when all three come together!




Interested in becoming a Young Supporters Council leader?

Our Leadership Council is currently full for the 2021 fiscal year. However, click here to learn more and email if you want to be considered for a Council role in the future. You can also fill out a this application form for future consideration.

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