HFNY Reps attend one of our partner churches and take the the lead with engaging his or her community group in acts of mercy and justice.


What does it mean to be a HFNY Rep? 

  • Engage your community group in practicing mercy and justice through committed volunteering with HFNY affiliates. Encourage group and individual opportunities.
  • Spearhead prayer for mercy and justice, your neighborhood, HFNY and its affiliates in the city. Embody this as part of your rhythm by praying at least once monthly.
  • Receive support through a variety of resources including gatherings, training sessions, and a monthly newsletter that will encourage, inspire, and educate you throughout the year.
  • Join a movement of mercy and justice in our city through becoming part of a larger group of our volunteers leaders— including HFNY Team Leaders, Community Grants Circle and other church partners.

What resources support HFNY Reps? 

  • Yearly Leaders' Gatherings: Get connected to a network of HFNY Leaders to see the magnitude of the mercy and justice movement in New York City
  • Semi-annual training: Deepen your understanding for why mercy and justice are so important through biblical basis teachings
  • HFNY Staff Support: 1x1’s or small group sessions over coffee or lunch to invest in, pray for, and support you
  • HFNY Rep Digest: Stay inspired and informed through monthly communication on upcoming serving opportunities, HFNY-wide initiatives, and compelling stories of changed lives


If you're interested in learning how you can mobilize your community group as a HFNY Rep, fill out a leadership application.