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His Toy Store is Hope for New York's outreach to provide new toys to families in deep financial need during the Christmas season. Through this program, families often make a lasting connection to local churches and HFNY affiliate organizations, where they can find a year-round caring community.

Our volunteers run the entire store, from decorating the site, setting up toys, helping parents pick out toys, gift-wrapping and more!
His Toy Store empowers parents of families in deep need to Christmas shop for their children at no cost!
Last year, our church partners donated over 3,000 new toys to make His Toy Store a possibility!

His Toy Store is run entirely by volunteers - from the set up, decorations, entertainment for guests, restocking and clean-up!  

Volunteers must be 14 years and older to serve at His Toy Store, and must be accompanied by a parent or adult.

See below to sign up for these opportunities.
“His Toy Store is the way my family marks the Christmas season. I or the other families who participate may not have the money or have very little economic resources, but God is big and He does wonderful things through his people everyday.”
Shopper at His Toy Store
4 Ways to Pray for Families at His Toy Store
December 05, 2014
For the next two weekends, Hope for New York will host 7 His Toy Stores (all volunteer-led!) across the city. Here are 4 ways to pray for the families that have been invited by our affiliates to shop at the stores.
The Meaning of His Toy Store
November 11, 2015
At Hope for New York, we get so excited about celebrating families in our city through the annual His Toy Store outreach. This year, we've got 9 store locations where over 800 families in need will be invited to shop for brand new toys at no cost. But it doesn't stop there. We want His Toy Store to be more than a one-time toy giveaway.
His Toy Store serves families across NYC
December 14, 2015
On December 5 and December 12, we were able to serve families in need through His Toy Store, distributing more than 2,600 toys at 9 pop-up stores across the city! We are so grateful to everyone who donated to stock the stores with toys and volunteered as part of a His Toy Store committee to make the stores happen.
Join His Toy Store in Bringing Hope to Our Neighbors in Need This Christmas
October 28, 2016
Strings of twinkling white lights and gold garland. Tricycles and Ninja Turtles and Barbie dolls. Sparkling cider and warm coffee. Smiling faces and Santa hats. This is just some of what our neighbors experience when they visit His Toy Store, Hope for New York's annual Christmas outreach for families in need.
A Reminder That Beauty and Brokenness Are Often Wrapped in the Same Package
November 07, 2016
Adrienne Heller is a veteran His Toy Store volunteer—so we asked her to share with us what she's learned from serving, why she keeps coming back, and how she's seen God moving in and through this annual Christmas outreach to our neighbors in need across the city.
What His Toy Store Means to the South Bronx
November 17, 2016
Seanette has shopped at His Toy Store for the kids in her house ever since it first came to the South Bronx in partnership with A House on Beekman. She works at AHOB’s After-School Program, so also volunteers at His Toy Store each year. Her favorite part? The togetherness.
Discovering God's Design for Community
February 27, 2017
I had always thought of Christian community as the act of sharing life together—until volunteering together reminded us that the primary purpose of community is not for our own fulfillment, but to be outward facing and make the city more whole by pointing to Christ.
Another Avenue to Spread Love and Grace to Our City
March 16, 2017
When Greg Hockenbrocht wanted to go deeper in the mission to spread mercy and justice throughout NYC, he joined our Community Grants Circle, a collective of people who participate and advise in our grant-making process. Here’s a bit about what he’s experienced since then.
Meet These Four Awesome HFNY Volunteers
April 26, 2017
Hope for New York volunteers are constantly thinking through how they can best serve their neighbors in need as a response to the grace shown by Jesus. Let these stories inspire you to pray through how God might want to use you to bring greater flourishing to this city.
Recognizing Four Mercy & Justice Champions
June 20, 2017
We’re shouting out four awesome volunteer leaders, whose actions exhibit a lifestyle of mercy and justice that reflects a heart for our poor and marginalized neighbors. Learn more about what inspires us to consider them our Mercy & Justice Champions.
Bring on the Christmas Cheer—His Toy Store is Here!
November 07, 2017
It’s almost that time of year again—time for gathering families, sharing meals, and giving gifts. And we at Hope for New York want to make sure that families across our city experience joy this Christmas. Join us by giving to His Toy Store to provide toys for local families with limited financial resources.
Coming Together through His Toy Store
November 20, 2017
There’s a beauty in coming together as a community into a space like His Toy Store to serve alongside another community over a common love for what God is doing in our city.
A Holiday Prayer for Our Neighbors in Need
December 01, 2017
As we approach this holiday season, may we focus our hearts on You, Father, and celebrate the gift of life through Your Son, Jesus. Help us also to be mindful of those—whether a friend, neighbor, or family member—who may be wrestling with feelings of grief and despair.