Strengthening Our Affiliates
How we invest in great organizations

Mobilizing Volunteers


Our volunteers invest their time, talent, and finances to make a difference in our city. Our volunteers often go above and beyond by initiating expansion in our affiliates' programs (such as providing an ESL tutoring class or offering a worship night), or by assisting with administrative tasks and repair projects. Through their service, our volunteers both encourage affiliate staff and enhance the programs they provide to their clients. They are heartbeat of our. 

“These volunteers serve our clients faithfully week after week, offering emotional, spiritual, and practical support and encouragement. That's what our organization is all about, and we couldn't do it without them!" — Affiliate Staff 



Investing Financially


Each year, we invest over $1 million in grants to our affiliates to meet the real, felt needs of New Yorkers through life-transforming programs. Our funding directly provides food for hungry families, job-training assistance for the under- or unemployed, mentoring and tutoring for at-risk youth, and many other services. Through a comprehensive due diligence process, we steward our donors' dollars by ensuring the most strategic deployment of their investment possible.



“Our grants from Hope for New York have empowered us to serve our populations even better.” — Affiliate Staff



Capacity Building Initiatives 


We want our affiliates to become stronger, more effective, and more sustainable organizations that will be able to serve New Yorkers in need for years to come. That's why we are committed to working with our grant-receiving affiliates, their board, volunteers, and staff to promote organizational growth and effectiveness. We do this by offering training and consulting through Capacity Building Grants, Best Practice Workshops, as well as facilitating Leadership Development and Board Development.         

“I cannot stress enough how helpful the capacity building grants have been... These have truly been essential to our ability to grow our work to provide free legal services to more and more low-income New Yorkers." — Affiliate Staff