Cru Inner City

Cru Inner City partners with local churches in low-income neighborhoods to provide a multitude of resources, including food and clothing, job readiness training, and youth programs.

Mission: To serve and mobilize the church to live out God's heart for the poor, so all can grow in Christ to build spiritual movements everywhere.

Vision: To see wildly successful churches throughout every needy neighborhood of New York City.

Volunteering events such as packing Thanksgiving Boxes of Love are a great way for families to serve together and for kids to participate in caring for our city.
Our grant funds support compassionate care products such as over 1,000 Thanksgiving Boxes of Love and Homeless Care Kits, as well as training for inner city churches to help move people from crisis to Christ and restoration.
Cru partners with over 130 churches in all five boroughs of NYC. They come alongside and partner with ministries providing proven resources and services that enable them to minister effectively to their communities.

Seasonal Packing Events 

Volunteers participate in large-scale, family-friendly packing events to provide resources for communities in need, including:

  • Easter Blessing Bags containing activity books, gospel bracelets, and treats for children 
  • Homeless Care Kits containing hygiene products and warm clothing items 
  • Boxes of Love containing all the ingredients for a Thanksgiving meal 

Times and dates vary throughout the year.

Volunteers of any age welcome. Those under 18 must be supervised by a parent.

See below to sign up for these opportunities.
Cru Inner City

Provide Warehouse Support at Compassion in Action

Sat 6162018
9:00 AM 12:30 PM
Communities in Need
“Jimmy, released from prison in 2005, was living in a one-room apartment with his young son, with no work experience except for illegal drug work, no money and a future with little hope. A local church learned about Jimmy’s need and brought a Thanksgiving Box of Love to his apartment. Because of this connection, Jimmy met Christians who cared about him and came to understand what it was to trust Jesus. But it didn’t stop there. Through this church partner's ongoing relationship with Jimmy, he has earned his GED, has an intact family, is a leader in his church and now trains local churches to deliver their own Boxes of Love to people in need.”
Glen, Staff
Seeing the Sins of Sodom in Myself
October 04, 2016
What comes to mind when you think about the sin of Sodom? Do you ever really admit to having the same struggles as those fellow image bearers who lived in that vile city? Yet the cloth of their hearts and that of ours are woven from the same thread.
When God Shows Himself through a Box of Love
July 03, 2017
Jimmy Badillo was born in the Bronx and raised on the Lower East Side. He was arrested at 37 and thought his life was over. But God used a Box of Love from Cru Inner City to show Jimmy that He was loved even in the hard times.