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Restore NYC’s mission is to end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign national survivors. Working to that end, Restore finds victims through outreach strategies and partnerships with law enforcement, the court system, and community-based organizations, and restores survivors through their groundbreaking safehouse program.


Mission: To end sex trafficking in New York and restore the well-being and independence of foreign-national survivors.  

Vision: For every survivor, the promise of a new life. For our nation, the end of modern-day slavery.

Our volunteers at the safehouse build friendships with residents by gathering for meals and special events, like outings to the movies, and makeover and spa nights.
Our grants support rent and food costs for Restore's safehouse. It is the first long-term transitional safehouse in the Northeast dedicated to foreign-born survivors of sex trafficking.
Restore NYC participated in workshops focused on outcome measurement and tracking program effectiveness, assisting them to tailor their "Restored Life Outcomes Matrix" to the safehouse program.

All volunteers will be asked to complete an online application, a volunteer orientation, and a background check in order to serve at Restore NYC. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Safehome Coverage Volunteers (General, females only):

Volunteers help cover shifts (overnight or daytime) at the safehome and provide extra support for staff.

  • Overnight volunteers will relieve in-home coordinators twice a week, and are trained to manage the home overnight. These volunteers sleep during the majority of their shift but are available in case of emergency.
  • Daytime shifts for safehome coverage interact with residents in conversation, cooking and doing other activities as needed.
  • Regularly meet one-on-one with clients to teach ESL, piano, powerpoint, etc., based on need and ability
  • Group meetings with clients where 2-3 volunteers host events such as movie nights at the home, Sunday brunch, or taking the women ice skating. These opportunities are ongoing throughout the year.

Economic Empowerment Program 

Volunteers needed to help equip women with skills and job opportunities to be on a path towards financial independence. Volunteers serve in one of the following ways:

  • Individual, one-on-one weekly ESL coaching (12 weeks per cycle, 3-4 cycles per year)
  • Individual, one-on-one mentoring for entrepreneur training program (1 year, once per month on average)
  • Execute logistics of client events related to job readiness, entrepreneur training, and ESL (as needed)
  • Curriculum-related translations and interpretation (as needed for Mandarin, Spanish and Korean) 

General Client Services

Volunteer needs come up throughout the year, such as document translation, help with Restore events, or other ad hoc client needs. Please attend the next orientation to be able to serve as needs arise. 


See below to sign up for these opportunities.
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“Your support and work and volunteering really helps some of the most vulnerable, exploited people in this great city. You're making our lives in the city, and our city, a better place to live.”
Jimmy, Executive Director
What is sex trafficking, and how can we respond?
May 29, 2015
On May 19, in partnership with Restore NYC, we hosted our first-ever workshop focused specifically on the issue of sex trafficking in New York City. Read more for video and summary of the workshop, and learn how you can get involved!
Have an idea for a new nonprofit? We want to hear it!
February 05, 2016
We’re looking for people who have a "crazy idea" – an idea that would provide a Gospel-response respond to the needs of the poor and marginalized in New York City. An idea that would bring about flourishing and shalom to our city.
Prayers for Victims of Trafficking
January 19, 2017
It is our collective call to seek justice for the oppressed, so we bring to our God our brothers and sisters across our city who have or are being trafficked. We serve a present and loving God, and we can trust that He will bring about justice and righteousness. Join us in prayer.
Building God’s Kingdom on a Day-to-Day Basis
February 06, 2017
Volunteering with victims of sex trafficking has helped Jon Kakaley see that God’s Kingdom isn’t some lofty, philosophical goal. Rather, it’s built with actual work on a day-to-day basis.
How You Can Serve Immigrants in NYC
June 28, 2017
New York City is a city of immigrants—in fact, 36% of us are foreign born. Many immigrants to our city face real challenges. That’s why we partner with several organizations serving our city’s immigrants. Learn more about how you can come alongside them.