Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center

Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center offers newly immigrated Arab Americans English as a Second Language classes and cultural activities.

The Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center is a place where Arab American families can come to learn ESL, develop meaningful friendships, and bridge cross-cultural barriers. The mission began in September of 2004 to meet the felt needs of the Arab American immigrant community.

Our volunteers lead classes and encourage the breakdown of cross-cultural barriers by consistently serving and engaging community members in relationships.
Our grants support program and hospitality supplies for Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center.
Brooklyn Arab American Friendship Center is more than just a community center, it is a close-knit community that learns, celebrates, and grows together. Students originate from many countries in the Middle East.

Because there is a process involved including an application and in-person interview, it may take a few weeks for you to be contacted with more information on serving.

English as a Second Language

  • Volunteers teach weeknight ESL classes Monday through Thursday from 7:00 to 8:30PM, providing a consistent and continuous structure for practicing, learning and writing. Training is provided and volunteers are asked to commit to a weekly schedule.

Basic Computer Class

  • Volunteers facilitate a weekly computer class on Saturdays from 10:00AM to 12:00PM, leading specific exercises, helping students troubleshoot, and answering questions.

Citizenship Class

  • Volunteers work with members of community to prepare for the US citizenship examination by tutoring on applicable topics and assisting with paperwork.

 Saturday Family Program

  • Volunteers lead workshops on various topics such as budgeting, parenting skills, etc. and build relationships with attendees. Volunteers also provide childcare so that parents are able to attend workshop.

All volunteers must be at least 24 years old.

See below to sign up for these opportunities.
“I have a really good experience with being able to bond with the students. It’s a lovely community and they’ve been really grateful. I’m not the only person touching their lives, and that’s the most beautiful part about this center. And working with international people is something that I just have to do. I feel like if I wasn't doing this, I wouldn't feel like I'm whole.”
Lucy, Volunteer Team Leader
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