The Open Door

Teach ESL Classes to Immigrant Construction Workers

Thursday 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The Open Door empowers immigrants to reach their full God-given potential to successfully integrate, participate and contribute to the well being of our society. Its vision is a new community of diverse individuals heading homes participating and thriving in the English-speaking economic mainstream as a model of community development.

Volunteers teach ESL classes to construction workers. Experience in real estate development and construction or constructing is preferred. 

Spanish proficiency is preferred.

ESL - Teachers are provided with lesson plans and instruction on basic ESL teaching skills, and teach the same group of students once a week.

Classes are every  Thursday from 7-8:30PM, starting on April 26th. 

The Open Door is a faith-based organization, and seeks Christian volunteers for all teaching roles. Volunteers must be 18+ years old to serve.

RSVP below to learn more. An application and interview are required to serve.