The Open Door

Substitute Teach Adult ESL, or Children's Class, for Immigrant Community

Wednesday / Thursday 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The Open Door empowers immigrants to reach their full God-given potential to successfully integrate, participate and contribute to the well being of our society. Its vision is a new community of diverse individuals heading homes participating and thriving in the English-speaking economic mainstream as a model of community development.

Volunteers will fill in for teachers at adult ESL classes or lead a childrens class for students' kids during the adult class time frame.

Classes include:

ESL - Teachers are provided with lesson plans and instruction on basic ESL teaching skills, and teach the same group of students once a week.

Children's - A children's ministry program is provided as childcare for immigrant families while parents attend the adult classes. Lessons are provided and consist of reading stories, making crafts, and sharing snacks.

Classes are every Wednesday or Thursday from 7-8:30PM.

The Open Door is a faith-based organization, and seeks Christian volunteers for all teaching roles. Volunteers must be 18+ years old to serve.

Request information below to get started. It may take a few weeks for you to begin serving.